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"Leamer has a real gift for writing popular, accessible history that incorporates new research, interviews, psychological insights and an evenhanded approach."
USA Today

"Evenhanded…The writing is always tight and often graceful…Worthy of being placed on the same shelf with Doris Kearns Goodwin's The Fitzgeralds and The Kennedys."
Library Journal

"Fascinating…Absorbing…With the dramatic and powerful style of a master storyteller."
Boston Herald

"Finely written…Full of considered analysis…He subtly makes the intriguing connections among every aspect of these men's lives…It surely will be viewed as one of the most valuable accounts of a family that vowed to help shape its country, then did."
Newark Star-Ledger

"Fast-paced…High heroic narrative…Leamer is well versed in the vast literature on the Kennedys, and he has even mined some new tidbits, especially about JFK's precarious health."
Washington Post

"Engaging and fast-moving…A stirring narrative."
Publishers Weekly

"Vivid… Leamer's writing is impressive throughout…He sets up the themes that will be the motivation and ruination of Kennedy men."

"[Leamer] portrays the triumphs and tragedies of the male side of the family melodrama with appropriate flair."
The New York Review of Books


"Laurence Leamer has captured the essence of this interesting and dynamic family and told their story in a brilliant narrative without parallel in its depth of thought, faithfulness to fact, and pure pleasure for the reader. If there is only one book about the Kennedys to read this must be it."
—Myer Feldman, Deputy Special Counsel to President Kennedy

"Laurence Leamer has the virtue of a lucid, compelling narrative style, a feeling for history, and a wonderful eye for the telling detail. In this companion to his vivid portrait of the lives of the Kennedy women he sees the whole tapestry of the Kennedy men, with their magnificent obsessions, and at the start of a new century he reproduces the Kennedy family saga with a mix of compassion, accuracy, intelligence and great human insight - unputdownable!"
—Nigel Hamilton, Author of JFK: Reckless Youth

"Laurence Leamer is a great writer and storyteller, but he is also a careful, balanced and even-handed historian. He spent a significant amount of time at the Kennedy Library researching primary sources. For example, in his account of the Cuban missile crisis, he actually listened to the ExComm tapes rather than depend on published transcripts. This is an honest account of a remarkable, perhaps unique, American political family whose influence will undoubtedly continue well into the 21st century."
—Dr. Sheldon M. Stern, Historian, John F. Kennedy Library, 1977 to 1999

"I've read-and written-more than my share about the Kennedys. In fact, I know of nothing that approaches this book not only for its richness of detail but even more for the coordinated presentation of all these lives, generation after generation. Leamer has pushed farther, dug deeper, and taken more chances than any other serious writer in the field. The tapestry this first volume presents is at the same time so lively, affectionate, and unsparing that anybody who follows him will have to factor him in. This is a breakthrough."
—Burton Hersh, author of The Education of Edward Kennedy and The Shadow President

"I don't see how anyone can read The Kennedy Men and ever see the Kennedy family the same way again. This book is full of extraordinary revelations written in a compelling style. It may read like a novel, but this is serious history written by a masterful storyteller. Here, finally, is the Kennedy story in all its richness, drama and nuance."
—Dan Moldea, author of The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy: An Investigation of Motive, Means, and Opportunity

"The Kennedy Men should be considered the last word on America's greatest political dynasty. Laurence Leamer possesses that rare combination of tireless investigative skills and deft writing technique. The result is an effortless read that draws the reader into the mind of the Kennedys as no book before, or likely will again. Bravo."
—Gus Russo, author of Live by the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK